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What is a super dip?

A few months ago, a dear friend introduced me to the world of “Rejuvenative Foods,” a raw food company based in California. You can check it out here – http://www.rejuvenative.com/. One of the products RF offers is a variety of “salsas,” which contain “active probiotics and enzymes essential for processing minerals and vitamins in the body.” After a few weeks of incorporating these fermented foods into my diet, I knew I had to share the life-changing love!

The best part- we are incorporating these salsas into healthy dips/ dressings that you won’t want to stop eating!! My personal favorite is the feta dip paired with cucumber slices. It’s also delicious on meats, salads, crackers…the possibilities are endless! Try our “GK ranch” and you’ll never buy it at the grocery store again.
My kids LOVE it!

Fermented Food Benefits:
(quoted from mindbodygreen.com)

  • They help remove toxins from the body.
  • They promote clear skin.
  • They significantly strengthen the immune system.
  • They balance hormones.
  • They improve digestion.
  • They help the body absorb and use nutrients.
  • They prevent disease and fight current inflammation.
  • They increase energy.
  • They balance hormones.

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