At Gourmade Kitchen, we prepare homemade food daily with real ingredients that can be easily transferred to your oven or freezer at your convenience.
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1. What is GK Fit?

GK Fit is a meal prep service that provides healthy pre-portioned meals. In order to receive these meals, you have to order online. You can choose a la carte or sign up for weekly meals.

2. How does the ordering process work?

In order to get GK Fit meals, you have to sign up and pre-order online. You can subscribe to a plan or choose a la carte. Once you’ve signed up, you choose your meals for the following week. The menu options for the following week are available every Monday at 10am and will stay open until Thursday at 5pm. Each week you will receive a text message reminder to choose which meals you would like for the following week.

3. What size meals do you offer? 

We offer individual and family size meals. The family size meals feed up to four people.

4. Can I pause, change, or cancel my plan?

Yes! You can pause, change, or cancel your plan before 5pm on Thursday each week.

5. How does the menu work? 

Each week there are three different meal options available for the following Monday. The menu changes each week.

6. When do I get my meals?

Meals are ready for pick-up at Gourmade Kitchen every Monday or you can have them delivered between 10am-11am or between 5pm-6pm. For delivery, someone must be home to receive the meals OR a cooler must be left out by the main entrance.

7. Can I add more meals to my weekly plan? 

Yes! You can add more meals to your weekly plan.

8. What if I have an individual meal subscription but I also want a family meal?

No problem! In addition to your 3 meals, you can add as many other items as you would like. Same goes for a family plan.

9. How often will I be charged for my meals when I sign up?

You will be charged every week when you choose your meals for the following week.

10. How do I enjoy my meals?

Your fully cooked meals come with reheating instructions for either the microwave or oven.

11. Will my food come with nutrition facts?

Each meal comes with a nutrition label including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and more. Ingredients are listed as well.

12. Do GK Fit meals follow a specific diet plan?

GK Fit meals are by definition “healthy.” While some meals meet the criteria of specific diets, our focus is on whole food nutrition and fueling the body with important nutrients.

13. Can I choose meals based on my dietary preferences?

Yes! When you sign up, you will be prompted to select your dietary preferences, if any.

14. Are my GK Fit containers recyclable?

Yes! Our eco-friendly containers are recyclable and are also safe for the oven, microwave, and freezer.

15. Will you have GK Fit meals available in-store?

Unfortunately, GK Fit meals can only be ordered online.

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